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There’s a lot of talk around about self worth and self esteem and oftentimes what is missing from those discussions is a very old fashioned word and it’s “worthy,” where you are worthy.

The foundation of having healthy self worth and self esteem is this feeling of worthiness, that you are worth something and that you value what you are worth.

So today I want to talk about how do you become worthy.

Because trying to improve your self worth by superficial means is never going to work. Just telling yourself that you should have higher self esteem is also are not very much to the point.

So worthiness is very, very easy to come by.

You simply have to do this: do things that make you proud of yourself. Do things that make you value your actions, make you value your principles and your standards and that make *you* think, that make *you* think, I will emphasize this, that you are a good person.

In actuality your opinion of yourself is the most critical.

So in life if you have a choice to make about doing things that make others think you are a good person and doing things to make you think you’re a good person, always choose your own opinion. Because this creates worthiness.

This gives you the sense that what you think and what you do and who you are are of higher importance than what someone else thinks or what someone else wants you to be or what someone else wants you to do.

So starting today, in every decision you take and in every action you contemplate ask yourself this question: would that make me proud of myself? Would that make me walk a little taller? Would that make me like myself more?

And if the answer is yes then do it.

And then pay attention to how you feel after you do it to make sure that your judgment, your prejudgment was correct. And if it was, then just build on that because everything you do that makes you prouder and prouder of yourself makes you worthy, it makes you worthy of other people’s good opinion.