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How to build inner shields that protect you and give you resilience #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

I have spoken earlier about building inner shields and so today I want to elaborate on that a little bit. What are these inner shields and how can you build them?

So an inner shield is that core of steel, a codicil, you can say, that you live by, or a series of codicils that you live by and that protect you, most importantly.

And they could be something like a standard or a statement to yourself that says: if someone has hurt me then I will not put myself in a position where they can hurt me again. Or if someone has hurt me I will not give them the power or the circumstances or the opportunity to hurt me again.

It could be also generalities like: if I don’t respect someone then it doesn’t matter what they say about me.

So in a way it is the things that you tell yourself that give you the strength, that give you the resilience to bear with whatever happens to you in life. You know? And you can create one according to your personality and your chosen way of going forward in life, you can make one for every situation.

Whenever something sets you back instead of thinking: oh my goodness, what a disaster or my life is ruined or whatever other unconstructive thoughts come into your head, think of creating an inner shield to guard against that happening to you in the future.

So, in a nutshell, it is a learnt exercise and it’s a learnt set of operatives that you have for yourself to make sure you carry lessons of the past into the future.

And if you create these shields then you don’t spend your time mulling over
things or thinking or being afraid of past experiences visiting you again. No, they are not going to visit you because you have now shielded yourself against it. Makes sense?

So inner shields are lessons learnt and they are lessons learnt and integrated into your life philosophy and into your recovery strategies, if you like. And they all go towards giving you that wonderful thing: which is resilience.