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Your Daily Grain for today: The truth is not a perception. Your perception of it is a perception 🙂 In any given situation, there is one truth… #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Hi There! This is your Daily Grain and I am Penni Mannas Diefendorf.

I wanted to kick of this new video series by talking about truth. Contrary to what is commonly believed, it is not a perception, it is not relative, in any given situation there is ONE truth.

The Daily Grain is where we can discuss how you might come to the knowledge of your own truth how you might come to recognize truth in a situation and in life in general. It gives you things to chew on, to think about and to see how it applies in your life, whether it applies in your life.

I want you to take this all with a pinch of salt in the sense of the flipping a coin philosophy. My flipping a coin philosophy goes like this: If you want to do something and you flip a coin if you can’t decide, that coin will always tell you what you need to do and this is how. Because regardless of the answer or decision the coin gives you – heads or tails, yes or no – listen to what the feelings inside you are saying. So if you get a “yes” answer, but your gut and your intuition rejects it – well – that’s your answer. So you should go with the opposite, right? You should go with no.

So with whatever we discuss here, think about how it works for you, or how you could apply it in your life or whether you would apply it with a shade of a difference. Because the reality is that we are all entirely different from each other so whatever someone else might think… Like the old saying “Someone’s poison is someone else’s food” or some such thing. But that is actually true!

The same principle can be applied in very different ways. Your job is to find out how all these principles and the things that are in the Daily Grain apply to YOU. Alright! So that’s it for today’s Daily Grain and I’ll catch you tomorrow.