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is truth relative

The current popular thinking is that “truth” is a relative thing, seen different ways by different people. If you have ever stopped to ask yourself: is truth relative, well here’s your answer. Unequivocally – no.

What most people think of as the “truth” of a situation is more often a perception or interpretation, which of course, are relative and subjective. We have moved away from getting to the roots of situations, to the roots of life, where truth is to be found.

Depend on it, there is always, and always has been only one truth to everything and everyone. In any given situation there is only one truth.

Take a common example. If we ask someone for something, anything. We could be met with a simple acquiescence, a “yes, no problem” or a conditional yes, a “yes, but” or a series of excuses, procrastinations or just silence, or a blunt no. The truth is, they either want to do it – a yes, or they don’t – a no. Everything after a simple yes, is a no. No relativity involved.

There might be many objections to this, that life is not so black and white. Actually, it is. Truth is the sword that cuts cleanly through the curtain cast by shades of grey and as painful as it might be, once you see pure light, it is difficult to imagine how you lived your life in the shadows of half-truths and lies.

This includes the half-truths and lies you tell yourself, or the truths you refuse to see. Yes. All the things that make you unhappy come about because of some reality you do not want to acknowledge. Show me a struggle and I will show you a game of hide-and-seek with reality.

What beggars the imagination is why would you do that to yourself. If anyone has the insight to answer that question, I should dearly like to know it. Why would you choose to live in a prison of misery when the truth would quite literally set you free?

Unhappy relationships are the epitome of this hiding from the truth. When “love” is construed by the spoken words. No, it is so much more and all of us know it. We know when we are loved or not. We all want to be loved. Ergo. If you do not feel loved or cared for, you are not. This is the truth. You could psycho-analyse twenty ways till sundown, it will not change it.

Conversely, real love, real respect, real commitment has no need for words, it will be felt and perpetuated without prodding from anyone or anything. This is truth.

And it is a very powerful thing. To paraphrase, it is something the blind can see and the deaf can hear. In my own life, I have seen it solve seemingly unsolvable problems and clear away toxic situations with simplicity and grace. There are no ‘sides’ when it comes to truth. It can stand alone just on its own strength.

The next time you come across several versions of a story, either from yourself or others, be on high alert – at that level there is no truth. If you but spend the time to go deeper, you will find it and be all the more secure for that. Do not buy into the argument that a given story is “someone’s” truth. No it is someone’s perspective, the truth is somewhere else, waiting to be found.

All power to you if you find it.