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When I was growing up I heard this phrase a lot about people who have betrayed someone’s trust or have taken advantage or have taken things for granted and it is this: that they mistook kindness for weakness.

And in fact a lot of the kind people or nurturing people in the world are considered possibly suckers or weak or easily taken advantage of. I would like to think that those days are numbered.

Where people can be kind and strong. They can be kind and not gullible. They can be kind and not a sucker. Just kind and strong. That is a brilliant combination.

And that’s a question I have for you today – do you think you can be kind and strong? What is your opinion of kindness? Do you see it as a weakness, as allowing people to take advantage, of allowing the wrong sort of people in?

And if so, I want you to really consider this.

Kindness, true kindness, that comes from the heart, which is actually very different from niceness, kindness is genuine, it is kindness for its own sake, that kind of kindness can only come from strength.

When you are truly strong you can, you will be kind.