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Today I want you to do a physical experiment on this business of focus and to prove to yourself physically how changing your focus to the right way to do something perhaps or to just the right set of things that you should focus on changes everything.

So the experiment and I want you to do which will actually particularly help you if you have knee problems or knee pain or knee issues of any description is this.

When we walk we take that for granted, we take our ability to walk for granted until we have issues with our ankle, or feet or some other part of our legs. And because we take it for granted we really don’t pay attention to how we walk. And the truth is when we walk our quads, which are our thigh muscles, and our glutes, which are the muscles in our rear end, are the primary muscles that we should use to walk.

But I would say 90% of us walk with our knees and calves, ie, we walk from the knee downwards so that knee joint that gets a lot of exercise that it should not be getting.

So this is the experiment.

Wherever you are walking today switch your attention to the way you walk, and shift your pivot point from your knee to your hip. So you walk from the hip. And what are you doing when you do that you are engaging your glutes and your quads, which are the muscles you should be engaging.

Try that and see!

So walk from the hip and take the pressure and the responsibility for walking off of your knees and calves and you will see a huge one, in the ease of walking and two, in the pain in yoru knees.

And when you’re walking upstairs you do the same thing engage the quads and the glutes rather than the knees and use those muscles to climb stairs, to facilitate any kind of movement actually, getting out of chairs, stepping sideways, what have you. Those are the muscles you should be using.

And in addition to an experiment of changing the focus and how that can really help you when you focus on the right thing and do it in the right away it is also an experiment in body consciousness so you become more aware of how your body functions and how it is meant to function and how that can help you from a health perspective as well.

So I leave you with this all purpose experiment and I hope it helps. Let me know.