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Struggle in life is completely optional. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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A lot of us believe that life is struggle. Period. It’s part of life, it’s unavoidable and it’s something we just have to grin and bear and get through.

This is not entirely correct. Struggle in life is completely optional.

You can choose to struggle or you can choose to live your life consciously, therefore, you are choosing the things that are right for you, that fit you and ergo, you do not struggle. You just flow through life.

But if you insist on hammering square pegs into a round holes, then yes, that is a big struggle indeed! And you may never succeed because things don’t fit.

And to get them to fit you have to… struggle.

So think of struggle in these terms. If you are stuggling with something, that is a good indication that you shouldn’t be doing it. Or that you are not in a position to do it or you don’t have some key ingredient that would make it easy.

So if you insist on doing whatever it is you’re struggling with then step back and think how can you make it not a struggle? What do you need to ensure that it is not the struggle, because it shouldn’t be.

Life is not about struggle, if you are struggling it probably means you’re miserable and stressed out and overwhelmed.

And I don’t equate struggle with hard work because even if you’re doing something you absolutely love it could include a lot of hard work. But it’s work that you do willingly, it’s work you do lovingly because it’s what you love.

So struggle is purely adversity. It’s more than hard work. It’s taking a toll on you. It’s robbing you of joy, it’s robbing you of peace.

This is what struggle is.

And while it is true, that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, there’s no reason on this planet to go pursuing things that don’t kill you but make you stronger. You can get strong all on your own and quite effectively in other different ways and that is the purpose of this Daily Grain.

So… don’t struggle!