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We are winding down the year so it’s a good time to take stock, to look back on the year with honest eyes and see did we accomplished what we want to.

Another year of our lives has gone by and what did we do with it?

In truth, this kind of stock taking is excellent at any given time, even on a monthly basis if you so choose, because it is a very useful to look back and honestly assess where have we been, what did we do, and if we have done well it’s an opportunity to celebrate, to pat ourselves on the back and take earned rest and if not, learn the lessons that occur to us and move forward with them.

For today that particular lesson I want you to think about is has the last year been lived as your true self? Have you advanced in your knowledge of who you are?

Because if you look at life as a path that you are forging – maybe it’s like dense undergrowth and all a mystery to you and you’re cutting your way through to your future – if you don’t know yourself it’s like cutting that path with a blunt knife.

Your very instrument that you need to get to the future ahead of you and in fact to get through life, to get through each day is blunt.

So as a good resolution for the coming year, a decision to leave unconsciousness behind, to not leave anything unexamined – as a good starting point – is something to consider.