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The other day I heard something that interested me greatly and it was this remark that it is very hard to love someone you know as well as you know yourself.

So I found it interesting because if you don’t love yourself I guarantee that you don’t know yourself. That is just a given.

If there are elements of yourself that you don’t love or if, in fact, you don’t love the entirety of yourself that is probably the constructs, the things that you are subscribing to in society, the parts of you that are going along with public opinion or with what you’ve been taught, these are the things that you don’t love.

And quite rightly so because they are not true.

They are not the real you – there is something inside you that is rejecting these parts of you.

So actually, if you find there are things that you don’t love or that, in fact, you hate about yourself, think about it, it could be that the real you is telling you do boot these elements out of your life.

Because once you truly know yourself actually love, *love* does not even come in to it because what is there to love or to not love. It’s like saying I really have to think about whether I love my liver or my lungs, it doesn’t make sense.

It’s part of you, it is what makes you function, it’s what makes you breathe and live and be healthy.

And this is you. So whatever are the things that make you you: your unique abilities your way of looking at things, your way of understanding things, that is all part and parcel of the person you are.

And once you understand who that person is and integrate all the levels of that person into one unique and cohesive being then self love, self nourishment, self care, is not even an issue.

It is just a natural progression of living your life.

So in all the arguments about loving yourself I have one answer to that simply get to know yourself.