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Let’s talk a little bit more about success and the pathway to effortless success. So what is effortless success mean?

To me it means success that is virtually guaranteed, success that is a natural progression from what you were doing before. So how do we go about this?

It’s pretty simple actually – to achieve success you need to create the environment for success. Now this might sound simple and it actually is – in theory. In practice a lot of things are overlooked.

So, for example, if you had an important exam coming up and you either didn’t attend class or you left off revising till the last minute or not it all, then your performance at the time of the exam is a little bit iffy, you may or may not be successful – it just depends on your aptitudes and how much affinity you have for the topic and all that good stuff. But it is not assured.

Whereas creating the environment would entail making sure that you’ve polished up all the points you probably need to polish up on, you have got a good grasp and understanding of the subject, so when you actually sit for the exam it’s a piece of cake because everything is just a foregone conclusion.

So this is effortless success when you create the environment and you take the actions that ensure the final result is a foregone conclusion. It just is going to happen.

That is the crux of today’s Daily Grain and it is well within the capacity of everyone to find out what are the elements of whatever they are doing that are critical to the success of their mission and make sure those elements are in place.

For a musician it would be the requisite number of hours of practice, for any skilled labour, its same thing – it is practice makes perfect.

When you are preparing for a job interview it might get a little bit more complicated because you must have the skills but you must also have the confidence to communicate that you have those skills.

Do you see? And all of these combined when you get it right create the, not just the potential, the absolute surety that you will be successful.

So think about this with everything in your life this actually applies, every second of every day, whatever you turn your hand to – are you completing those actions in an environment that ensures your success?