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Today I want to talk about a common tug of war that a lot of us have and struggle with and that is the tug of war of unrealistic dreams.

Yes, we have the potential and the capability to pretty much have the life of our dreams so that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about unrealistic dreams.

So what is this tug of war?

It’s the pull between what you want to have and what you can have, realistically speaking. So – unrealistic on one end and realism on the other.

And what is this a gap?

This gap is the gap of what you don’t have to be able to achieve those dreams and that’s what makes it unrealistic.

So to resolve this tug of war and to have no conflict, it’s quite simple.

What you need to do is sit down and assess truthfully where you are currently, what is it that you do have. You are starting with the realistic end of the spectrum. Once you can analyze what it is you do have, what you have in your hand to work with, then you can assess that gap – what is it that you need to achieve the dreams you want.

And the key is that you must assess this realistically as well.

So you have two entities, what you have now and the things you need to get or somehow arrange to help you on your way. And if these two elements have been assessed honestly then you have something to work with, right?

So then you can think about how you can go about getting those different elements you need to add to your life or to your skill set or to your networking base to lead you to those dreams.

Unrealistic dreams become a challenge and they could be actually extremely damaging if you don’t do this, if you don’t do this process. Because then they simply become dreams that frustrate you. They become dreams that are a burden because you’re striving to reach something that you cannot right at this moment achieve.

If you look at it this way where you are bridging a gap to those dreams of yours, then you can do something constructive with them and you have something to go on with.

So don’t play tug of war with yourself, just start fixing it.