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Let’s talk about a few other things that can be tools against this unraveling of society and, hopefully, our not inevitable decay and entropy. And these tools are quite simple actually.

They are manners, common courtesy, consideration, and etiquette, in short.

It’s something that is seen to be either a luxury or things that are left in the past or too rigid a standard of behavior. And as with everything, like we said water kills, so everything can go too far. But a measure of these and in fact basic manners like please, thank you, holding doors open for people who can’t help themselves, small courtesies and considerations actually go a very, very long way to holding together civilization as a matter of fact.

Because it’s not just manners in themselves, it’s not just the courtesies in themselves, it’s the fact that someone had sufficient human feeling to extend that politeness to someone else, to remember it enough respect for his fellow man to say please and thank you and hold doors open. It’s a lost art, I find, and this is not an exaggeration.

I have actually seen someone close the door in the face of a person in a wheelchair. I mean, really people! We look at each other like so many pieces of furniture, I feel sometimes.

So yes there is you know, a lot of people in this world who you wouldn’t be bosom buddies with, but there is really never a good reason to be disrespectful, to be rude, to not say please when you ask for something, to not say thank you when you get it, regardless of who you are asking or who you get it from.

I feel in the world there’s a sense that people who serve you or people who tend the garden are not worthy of politeness – wrong. Everybody is. Everybody should be.

And if we take the time, and it doesn’t even cost that much effort, if we have the sensibility then, I should say, within ourselves to mind our manners, hold onto etiquette, have consideration for our fellow man and treat them with courtesy, we will go a really, really long way to shoring up that fabric of society.