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Today I want to talk to you about intuition. Many people think this is something of a psychic phenomenon but intuition you could rename as reservations.

On the positive side of it, it has many other different names but let’s take the negative side of it for the moment. So reservations – never discount your reservations.

Sometimes we are presented with things that are official, sometimes it’s things that are presented as fait accompli, where it’s a done deal, but there’s this little niggling voice in our heads or this little niggling feeling in our bodies that say no something’s not right and I should know more or I should question this.

And we are conditioned to discount our reservations because of authority or because we have to conform to some standard of behavior and therefore, we do.

We squash the feeling in ourselves that tells us this is all wrong or it’s partially wrong and we go with whatever someone has presented to us or someone has advised us.

Should we question it, sometimes we get abuse or we get disparaged or insulted that we are either incompetent or we are stupid, we don’t understand what is going on and those sorts of things are merely pressures on the part of the other person to get you to do what they want you to do.

If you have reservations the odds are very likely that it is not in your best interests. So don’t bow to that pressure. You know?

So what if they think you’re stupid? If you do go with whatever they say and it goes really bad for you you will I guarantee you, feel very stupid. Better you be thought very stupid and get the information you need, than you be made to look stupid by going ahead with whatever they have in mind for you.

So reservations are a wonderful thing. Pay attention to yours and follow through no matter what it is about or no matter how critical you view your voicing your reservations or not.

Best to voice them.