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An offshoot of my TV color experience was this, we were then really excited to re-watch all our old and favorite movies to see what we had missed, to see it in this glorious technicolor and depth almost 3D-like.

And the take away from that is to never lose your wonder.

You know when we were kids everything was marvelous and everything was new and fresh and then somehow we became jaded and cynical and thinking we have seen it all. We really haven’t.

And even the oldest, most used and familiar thing can gain new joys and new things to learn from when you look at it through the eyes of wonder, when you look at it through the eyes of expectation and anticipation.

And that’s a brilliant way to approach life, actually, to approach each day, to look forward to it thinking: Oooh, you know, what could happen?

Honestly the future has endless possibilities and endless potential and when you think about it like that instead of thinking: Oh no, what challenges am I going to face or I’m going to see so and so again and they really irritate me.

What is the point? What is the point of looking askance at life?

No. Look with wonder, look with enthusiasm and honestly, life changes.

It changes because of the intention of your observation and the attitude of your observation. And it changes for the better when your attitude and intention is joyous and wondering.

So try that today. Try injecting a sense of wonder into your day.