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I had a lovely conversation the other day about perfection being a scary thing and that is the perception for a lot of people because perfection is seen as the pinnacle of the mountain, as something so unachievable as to almost make you die trying for perfection.

So let me break that down. Perfection as an obsession is of course not a good idea. No obsession is, let me just put that out there. But in fact there are a great many situations in life that need to be perfect.

A mundane example is a pair of shoes. If they are not a perfect fit you are going to have a great many sores and blisters and just general discomfort, right? So we don’t even question it. Of course, we should have well fitting shoes and well fitting clothes.

Why not well fitting people, well fitting circumstances, well fitting goals? And here is where that perfection is perfect.

Because if you can make perfect these fits for you then your life will be perfect. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And there’s nothing unachievable in that either.

Because it is a question of standards. If your standard for your life is to achieve perfection, and let me qualify that – it is perfection for you, where it is a perfect fit for you – so, if your standard in life is to achieve that, then you will.

And life becomes all the better for it.