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There is a very simple way to surround yourself with love and only love. And it’s this: don’t settle for anything less than or anything else. And it really is as simple as that.

Now if it’s so simple why isn’t everyone doing it, right?

This is why. Because most people don’t realize what they mean by love and they approach love in a very intellectual way or an idealistic way. And in this situation idealistic generally means illusionary. Where they have an idea of what love should look like, what they wish their friend is to see as them receiving love. Which sounds really convoluted but basically translates to people entering into relationships where surface appearances trump true feelings. Or they continue existing relationships on that basis.

And some of the existing relationships we could be continuing maybe things that are grandfathered in ie, family relationships or friends of friends who become sort of friends, there are all sorts of ways in which we allow relationships into our lives and we then perpetuate them. But these may or may not be love and they may or may not be loving, which is even more critical – because people who profess love but are not loving odds are good that that is not love, right?

So how do you know what love is?

I’m not going to break into song but just simply this way: how do you feel? Do you feel loved or not? And if you feel unloved then sad to say you probably are.

And if that’s the case why allow it into your life?

Because if you are not surrounded by love that’s a very poor alternative, right? Life is much more satisfying when you can rely on the people around you for that kind of emotional support.

So make a pact with yourself that from this day forward you are only going to allow love in.