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A foolproof way to eliminate fear – it is simpler than you think… #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Today, I’m going to tell you about a fantastic tool to overcome fear and it’s called *strength of conviction*.

So if you have the strength of your own convictions, if you have strength in the knowledge of who you are, you will have no fear because what you should do and how you should act is very clear to you.

So I’ll give you an example. I was on a shoot once, when I was much younger, and it was supposed to start at eight in the morning. So there I was at eight in the morning and I was the only person there!

Fast forward to the end of the day, nobody had arrived in any coherent fashion and you know it was 6 o’clock and not one photo had been taken.

So at shortly after 6 o’clock, I got up and prepared to leave because I had to be holding by seven. That was my cut off time – and so I walked out. Much to the distress of everyone who had only all just congregated! And I was told, you know, this is really not good for your career etc etc

But, in fact, I was there! I had been there the whole day and I had made a commitment to my folks that I would back. So I just left.

And it eventually turned out that it was not detrimental in the least, but for me there was no question. There was no argument. There was no fear of my career either. I was fine with it.

And when you have that level of knowing what you should do, knowing what the right thing for you is, it just eliminates fear. It eliminates confusion.

A lot of fears actually arise from confusion because there’s so much chaos going on in your head and when you can’t think straight, everything in front of you is unknown and that’s a very fearful thing I must say!

When you discover what it is you believe in and all those things that we’ve been talking about start strengthening them. Start actually standing by what you believe and standing up for who you are, standing up for the principles that you want to live your life by and you will strengthen your strength of conviction and you will find that fears and anxieties become less and less.