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Today I want to talk about a pair of unsynchronized windshield wipers.

And this came about by a process of what I call Mundane Meditations and you can try it, it’s a great tool for insights into life. It’s looking at things that happen randomly and occasionally and you look at it and suddenly it sparks an idea of how life works or how you can solve something or how you can proceed with life. These are mundane meditations. It’s mundane stuff that makes a light bulb go on.

This particular mundane meditation happened when I was on a bus going to work and the bus had unsynchronized windshield wipers and it was raining.

So what happened?

The wipers would slowly go out of sync and then as they went out of sync, they would slowly come back into sync and for a brief moment they would be wiping perfectly. And then it would slowly start going out of sync.

And I thought at the time that is actually very true of life. There are moments in life where everything is perfect. What you wish for just appears in front of you, what you try to do succeeds wildly.

And then there are times in life where nothing can go right, it’s like Sod’s Law in effect from morning to night, everything’s like unqualified disasters. And then there are those in between times where it’s slowly going from perfect success to perfect disaster.

And as a good mindset for the New Year, think about this, to start paying attention. Because it doesn’t have to happen actually.

When you get life to the point where it’s flowing perfectly that means you have developed enough consciousness within yourself to bring your life up to a level where you have a flow going, in which case there is no reason for you to lose that flow, there is no reason for you to start heading towards perfect disaster.

But the key is to start paying attention to those little things that start going out of sync and solve them right away. So those wipers don’t start and maintain an out of sync rhythm till they are totally chaotic.

And at the other end of the spectrum this also holds good because if your life is utterly chaotic start paying attention to the little things that start falling into place and then slowly put in more things that fall into place to make that flow and that rhythm become even more in tune with who you are and what you’re doing.

And so, that was the lesson I learned from those windshield wipers that I leave you with today.