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What you don’t know can change your life #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Yesterday we talked about making sure you have enough information to go on with in your life and today I want to talk about the reverse of that why people might not want enough information or why they would want to be kept in the dark. And it’s this thing called plausible deniability.

So plausible deniability is what I might call an inconvenient falsehood and it never works. In your life you must not ever try to achieve plausible deniability because what you don’t know could send you into a downward spiral. What you don’t know might turn out to have been so critical that your whole life from that point pivoted in another direction. So it’s never a good thing to aim for plausible deniability.

Even in corporations, in business, in government circles – at the end of the day if the responsibility is yours you can not hope to claim plausible deniability with any shred of credibility left. Because it behooves you to know, it behooves you to make decisions in life based on full knowledge, based on complete decision-making.

And this is not just from the point of view of responsibility to others, this is very much from the point of view of responsibility to yourself. Because your life is driven by your decisions and it will be driven well if your decisions are made well and with sufficient information.

So forget plausible deniability – it’s a myth.