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One of the phrases I remember from my childhood that I really like is this it is “possess your soul with patience.”

And I really love that! I love to say it, I love the philosophy behind it because yes, you know at an intellectual level that patience is a virtue, it is very good to be patient and in fact the topics of our last two Daily Grains require patience. It takes patience to work things out, work out, and by work things out I mean, work out for yourself which things best fit in your life, and it takes patience to wait for the right things, wait for everything to flow and for you to find the things that will create that flow.

So patience is the very underpinning of discipline and consciousness.

But this phrase “Possess your soul with patience” is particularly helpful I think, because it’s not an overt patience, it’s not a holding back, it is a soul-depth kind of patience, where you know in your heart that good things are coming. You know in your heart that there is something better out there for you so you possess your soul with patience and that gives you the strength to wait for it or to put in the time to figure out does this piece, how does it fit, where can I fit it and when can I fit it.

And you need that kind of strength actually in life especially these days our lives are so busy, they’re so urgent, everything’s a firefighting mission, it seems we don’t have a minute to spare, but your soul, yourself, your life, needs these minutes.

It’s these minutes that save you from the firefighting frenzy that you might find yourself in in life.

So it’s a lovely concept. To not just have patience but to find it in your heart, to find it as a way of being, your very soul is patient.