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If you have read Power vs. force by David R. Hawkins you’ll have an idea of what I’m going to talk about next, but if you haven’t I strongly recommend you do because it’s an excellent explanation of the difference between these two things and it’s very, very worthwhile to note.

But anyway, back to what I want to talk about in particular – in that book he has described a Scale of Consciousness that he devised through doing kinesiology and finding out and calibrating levels at which people operate and what those levels mean, so this is the Scate of Consciousness.

What is particularly interesting to me is at the very top of the scale you have three things: love, joy and peace.

And love is actually below the level of joy which is below the level of peace. And peace is just below enlightenment.

So this is quite wonderful actually, because what does that mean for you?

If you can reconcile all those elements of your life as we were talking about in the last several Daily Grains, you will find peace, an inner peace, a peace that is constant.

And if you can find peace, because it is above joy and love and all the rest of it that comes below it, it’s all encompassing, right? If you can reach peace that means all the other levels are locked in and already there!

And peace is something that is a well within your control. You don’t need anyone else to provided to you, you don’t have to have anyone else take it from you – it is something you can generate for yourself by consciously eliminating, for one, elements that destroy your peace and inserting, for the other, elements into your life that bring you peace.

And then you are one step away from enlightenment! Isn’t that wonderful?

So we are in a season of peace and joy and a lot of people find overt happiness or joy or good cheer might be hard to come by, for whatever reason, maybe it’s your innate character, maybe it is your life situation, so never mind that, today reach for peace.