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I wonder if you’ve had any answers to yesterday’s question about what your life path is?

And I hope you do because the serious downside of not knowing what your life path is, is then you involve other people, you get into groups that you think suit you and then you find after months or years even that actually they don’t suit you and then there are all those months and years that have gone pursuing things that shouldn’t have been on your life path, shall we say.

Note I didn’t say that it was a waste because I will assume you learnt that those things were not for you and so that’s a good lesson. But if you think about this before or you have to learn lessons like that it goes much easier, life goes much more smoothly.

And when we hear of relationships breaking up or acrimonious things happening in relationships, it is typically because two people collided without a clue what their life path was. The one good thing about life is as you progress through it you will discover, if only in the negative, the things that don’t suit you and then hopefully you eliminate that, but this is what happens when relationships break. You have two people or a group of people who discover that they are basically incompatible.

To my mind this is a whole lot of bother that can be eliminated at the outset by having a plan, having an idea, having an end game where you see yourself in the fullness of time and you look back on a life well lived.

So maybe that’s an exercise you can do today for your Daily Grain.

Project yourself into the future as far as you can and think of yourself looking back at your life.

What would you want to see? When you look back on your life what would you want to have filled it with?

And then start from there to build the future based on that.