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You have probably heard this numerous times that relationships are like mirrors and very often this is used to indicate that relationships show us things in ourselves that we should modify or that we are projecting on others and things that we can usefully better in ourselves.

So today I want you to look at relationships as mirror in quite a different way. And it is this: all the relationships around you show you what you are willing to accept in life. And that is a very powerful way in which they are mirrors.

What does this mean for you?

If the relationships around you are toxic, or they are abusive, it simply means that that is what you are accepting at the current moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you consider that your relationships are toxic because of some deep, dark deficit in you that really is a double whammy from the way I look at it. So not only are you suffering you are beset with these horrible thoughts that my goodness, somehow there is some horrible thing in you that has created that.

So set your mind at rest. The only horrible thing is that you are accepting that relationship or those relationships.

And if you look at it this way the fix is very easy, correct? Just stop accepting them. Just say no. And you’re done.

Because the very real truth is that those relationships exist because you said they should or you thought they should. You don’t even have to get into why you thought it.

Simply look at it this way your relationships are a mirror because they show you what you are willing to accept. And if you are dissatisfied with them think about not accepting them.