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The brotherhood of man is real!

The brotherhood of man is real – break down artificial barriers to find it. #beyourownguru #BYOG Video Transcription… We live in an increasingly divided world we are divided by territory, language, religion, colour and we seem to find endless categories into which we can divide ourselves further and identify with smaller and smaller tribes, so […]

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Unreliable relationships = Disposable

It’s a very sad reflection that we live in a world where our default position is distrust. The awful prediction of no good deed going unpunished is realised more often than is healthy for our collective psyche. And yet, each of us yearn for people we can rely on, situations where the outcome is always […]

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Do we have to work at relationships?

Image credit: When it comes to relationships, this has got to be the worst myth out there, leading a whole lot of people into a whole lot of misery. Let’s examine what it means when you have to work at relationships. It could mean that the relationship does not “fit” you well, requiring a […]

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