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Deal with challenges, but don’t get overwhelmed #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

There are times in life when there just seem to be too many things coming at us from too many directions to handle.

Very typically this happens when you are in the thick of a downward spiral where there are a great many issues and they all seem to have immediate priority and of course you can’t handle everything all at once. Or can’t handle everything all at once comprehensively and effectively.

So what do you do?

I would suggest this.

Remove every obstacle and every issue one by one but remove them in order of a sensible priority. So this requires you to sit down with yourself and put all the things that you are confronting in a priority to designate what are the most important issues, not just for you, not just from a personal point of view but from your life.

For example, you might really, really wish for more fun, more leisure activity, more downtime, but your life demands that you put in long hours and that you build up a certain amount of financial security for yourself. So in this situation your life’s priorities will take precedence over your own.

However your leisure time and downtime is also critical, you can’t sustain putting in long hours for an extended or an indefinite period of time, so that must also be taken care of. Maybe that would be your second priority. Do you see what I mean?

But once you put down all the challenges confronting you in this sequence of priority, then one, you have got a pathway to clearing your life of the things that are troubling you, and two, it will actually make sense, it is logical and it will achieve its goal because first things are first.

So every single obstacle that you are currently looking at, every single challenge that you are currently looking at, can be usefully erased from your life.

Just take it one by one, step by step and make sure those steps are logical and answer your needs in order of priority.