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So hopefully by now we’ve established that right and wrong in terms of what works in your life is utterly relative. What is a right action for someone could be a wrong action for someone else without the first person’s aptitudes and inclinations and skill set and all the rest of that.

So what is absolute is this, what is effective. And this is an absolute because what is effective will always work. By definition. It’s effective.

In your life it would behoove you to figure out what are the most effective things you have in front of you, what are the most effective actions you can take, and then go with that. Choose the things in your life based on how effective they are. Do they do the job?

And of course, having said that you must know – to judge effectiveness, you must know what job you wish done or what goal you wish to achieve.

So consciousness has this happy knack of raising its head in every single thing we do because to get to step three you have to be conscious of what step one and two are.

And to be able to judge accurately in your life right, you need that level of consciousness.

So back to effective, no matter what conventional wisdom says or instructs you to do sometimes the right thing is just going to get us into hot water. And I don’t mean the right thing when it comes to truth, but it’s the right thing for example, going to college, or taking up a certain career, or marketing yourself in a certain way.

Sometimes the *right* thing, the thing that worked for of tens of thousands of people is the thing that may not work for you. And this goes for even the minute details of life.

So for today’s Daily Grain the message is always do the effective thing. Make choices based on an *effective* change and you’ll be okay.