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Rushing forward without looking will make you hit glass doors – literally #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

I wonder if you’ve ever had the sensation of running full tilt into a glass door – it is not recommended let me tell you.

So once many years ago I was running for a taxi that I could see just beyond these glass doors and unfortunately for me, half of the glass door was open and the other half was closed. But in my haste to reach that taxi I made the assumption that both doors were open. And I ran full tilt, smack into that door.

Wow. What a horrifying experience.

So there I was with a smashed nose and a smashed lip and actually I think I hit my hand as well. That was a saving grace because my hand was out so that hit the door first, but it was still pretty painful.

It strikes me that a lot if us go through life just like this. We see a very lovely and imminent goal and then we dash towards it without thought of what is in between. And then we come slap up against obstacles that we didn’t see were there.

This is the very argument for consciousness because when you are conscious things like glass doors are immediately factored in because you are alert.

I must say I have not walked through a glass door since, before or since, So this is some consolation.

And coming back to consciousness, I am alert for things like glass doors, things that hurt, things that won’t benefit me, and I am aware of what would hurt and what would benefit me and what direction I want to go in. This is consciousness: to know yourself and to know what’s going on around you sufficient for you to avoid disaster, or to avoid missteps, certainly to avoid glass doors and things that you don’t see.

When you are conscious there is precious little that you will not see. And that is actually a wonderful gift.

To see things, to see everything, to factor everything into your life and then proceed with life.