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Guilt and shame: another couple of wholly useless and unnecessary emotions. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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So let’s talk about guilt and shame. Another couple of wholly useless and unnecessary emotions.

So let’s parse it down.

If you feel guilt or shame, as with anything else you feel actually, consider its source, for one.

What is triggering this guilt and shame?

And then consider is it valid? Is it really something you *should* be feeling guilty about or is it borrowed guilt? Or guilt from borrowed values?

Real guilt and shame is an indication that you have infringed a principle you hold dear. OK? And that’s fair enough.

If you have done something that you don’t feel is up to your standards of behavior or up to the levels to which you aspire, then, yes, that could be valid.

But in which case, stop doing it! You know? If you have a set of values start living according to them! And then you won’t feel guilt and shame, right? This is like holding onto your principles, that’s the whole strength of conviction thing that we’re talking about.

So that is simple enough. Stop at once!

But if it is borrowed then that is something to question.

Regardless of how sacred that belief *should* be to you if it is not something you can subscribe to, if it’s not something you can adhere to, and again, if whatever actions you’re taking that are not subscribing and not that adhering to this are not harming anyone, well, the question is do you really want to hold on to that belief?

It is quite feasible for you to delete it from your belief bank and stop feeling guilt and shame.

The problem with these two emotions actually, is it severely weakens your power. It severely infringes on your perception of yourself because guilt and shame are the two things that make you feel lesser.


Lesser than other people perhaps, lesser than you want to be, it makes you feel small.

And intrinsically you are not small. None of us are small. We are all big people. We have more power than we realise and hopefully we’ll realise a great majority of it in this lifetime, but, you know, this is where you want to be you want to be: in your power.

You want to be a powerful person and feeling guilt and shame just totally annihilates that.

So stop feeling it.

Stop feeling it by either eradicating beliefs that you can no longer commit to or stop doing things that you, quite appropriately, feel guilty and ashamed about.