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In one of the very early Daily Grains I spoke about the windshield wiper phenomenon where your life could be going along tickety-boom and slowly things start going out of alignment until you realize that you’re facing a crisis every moment.

So the way to avoid that is to do scheduled maintenance on your life pretty regularly. And if you don’t do it as a matter of course then you really should do it when you feel that your life is slowly going out of control.

And what is this scheduled maintenance? It’s simply a stock take, if you like, of where you are, what has worked for you in the distant past, what has worked for you in the recent past and is it still working? Do you need to tweak something, or do you need to rearrange something or do you need to rethink something or does something in your life need a complete overhaul? So these are your stock taking questions, these are the stock taking issues.

Because the fact is life goes through different phases, we go through different experiences and all of it changes us, evolves us and as we pass through the different phases of our life, not everything makes the transition successfully. And not everything perhaps should make the transition successfully otherwise we will have a life that is chockablock and unmanageable.

So it’s quite natural for things to ebb and flow and things to fade, things to fall by the wayside. You need to be making sure that the right things are falling by the wayside, and the right things are being carried forward with you into your life. Because regrets are made of the things that we allowed to fall away when we actually valued them a lot, right?

So this scheduled maintenance will make sure that this doesn’t happen, it will make sure that you have thought about what you value, you’ve thought about what you want to see the next several years of your life or decades of your life to unfold. You can consciously decide what’s going to happen next with you.

And if you don’t do this regularly, a great time would be when external events make your life transition or you feel this little bit of chaos building in your life. And then you take a look at it and you make sure things don’t get completely out of hand.

So scheduled maintenance! See if you can have a bash at it today.