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The exercise I gave you yesterday which was to open your heart and just speak to another person solely in truth with absolute honesty was to give you a sense of what that engineers in yourself and it’s one of our most precious assets.

Because when we relate to the world, when we relate to each other out of sheer and absolute truth one very special thing happens, and that is this: our self respect, our feeling of self worth is boosted exponentially.

And it’s no great surprise, it’s no great miracle because you have stood up for yourself, you have deemed yourself worthy enough to speak in truth and you have at least one person that you have allowed into your world that allows you this privilege, of being totally honest.

And self respect and that sense of power, of being able to speak it, speak what you want to say, speak what is in your heart is a very powerful thing.

I would say once you have it, it becomes a very precious asset because you are able to then build on that, you are able to have the next conversation with someone in this same frame of mind, with the same dynamic and it is amazing how that inner power will clear space for you, will clear paths for you and whether it does or not, and it definitely will, the main reason I want you to understand this is because nobody can give you this self respect.

You are the only one who can trigger it in yourself and develop it in yourself. And when you have self respect you don’t have to convince other people to respect you. If you feel worthy of respect and when you respect yourself you will get that back from others. And it will preclude you from doing things that infringe that respect.