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Something I do at the end of every year that I want to share with you, which is a very useful practice, is writing down specific targets I want to achieve for the coming year.

These are more than resolutions. I am not resolving to do any particular thing but they are just things in my life that I want to achieve.

And for me, I categorize it in those five rings of consciousness. So materially, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Well, it doesn’t have to be particularly one per ring of consciousness but it’s things that I have wanted to do or it has occurred to me in the course of the year that it would be good for me to do and so I write them down quite specifically for targets to achieve in the coming year.

And I strongly recommend you do this. [Set targets according to the rings of consciousness]

Because it gives you something to draw you forward into the New Year and also you can look back on the year like we’re doing now and see – it’s quite quantifiable right? – did I meet those if not what do I want to do about it.

But I must say since I started this habit of writing down my targets I have pretty much accomplished them over the last several years.

And it is quite well known that the act of writing something down solidifies something in your head and this is very true.

So today take 5 minutes to write down things off the top of your head that you would particularly like to achieve in 2015 and in subsequent years. And it could be as simple as having a monthly massage for example, and everything in between all the way to say, financial freedom.

It’s a very useful exercise and something to start your New Year off with a bang!