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Yesterday I mentioned that it is not in our power to give absolution or forgiveness and that is true but here’s something that is completely in our power and it is this: to remove any trace of bias or expectation for negativity in ourselves so that when we approach relationships we approach it with a shield, we approach it with a stamp on our foreheads that says don’t even think about it. which shows us up in the world as people who command respect, who command kindness. Note I don’t say demand.

It is the internal resources and strength that you have that will automatically lead people to treating you right. [ie: you show up as worthy of success]

And the happy side of this effect is that then you don’t receive behaviors that require forgiveness. You are not at the receiving end of things that set you back on your heels and make you think what where did that come from or how can they have the nerve to say that or do such and such.

This is a very real skill and talent that you can develop and that you should develop because you do come across people who even the meanest person treats them with some caution and some respect because they sense in them that steeliness or the intolerance of bad behavior.

In fact children can also sense this. Children if you notice will misbehave with certain people and be all politeness and good behavior with others.

It is a very real set of characteristics and character traits that make this distinction.

So in a world that is full of misdeeds and should we forgive and why did they do that, this is a most useful thing to cultivate.

So again it is ridding yourself of the biases, the self images that you have that maybe say that people can treat you with disrespect. Get rid of all that. Go forward in life with the expectation that you will be treated well and with the worthiness of being treated well.