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There are some pieces of advice that are just good for you no matter who says it or in what way they say it, and it’s typically advice on the small things of life.

So for example it is just good for you to know where all your stuff is. It is just some good for you to have some kind of organisational system so you’re not running around like a headless chicken. It is good to keep certain things in a certain place.

It is these small things in life where you see very common advice about it. It is good for you to not spend more than you earn. So there is a bank of conventional wisdom that is excellent to follow.

And it typically, like I said, involves the fundamentals of life, the structure of your life, the framework that governs your day.

Because if you have these things in place what happens? Then your life runs more smoothly and then there’s things that you just don’t have to think about – they are all on autopilot.

So for example if you keep your keys in exactly the same place all the time, you are not spending 5 minutes every single time you need to find your keys. If your wallet is in the same location same thing.

And it’s these minute details of life that actually make the difference between having a smooth day or having a day fraught with almost missing the bus, or almost missing that meeting, or you know, missing some other life event entirely because it’s like that poem, right? All for the want of a horse shoe nail!

It’s so important to get the minutiae of life down to a fine art, actually. Because if you attend to the details that will release your time to attend to a whole host of other things.

So look at practical as well as philosophical information like this, in this light: if you implement whatever it is will it release another the pocket of your mental space? And if it does? Then implement it with dispatch!