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At the level of spirit, you are fully and truly yourself. #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

So finally we come to the last level which is spiritual. And this is where you finally meet yourself.

This is the real you. You’re spirit or spirit is you.

And whether you believe in a God, or you are an atheist or you don’t believe we’re divine there is a divine spark in all of us, right? If you have ever been amazed by a beautiful sunset, or a piece of music, something that fills your soul, whether you believe you have a soul or not, it’s that kind of experience that just takes you out of yourself and it’s something bigger than… you.

It’s more than flesh and blood, shall we say. Anyway, that is spirit.

And at this level, right here, you experience life with deep peace, joy, contentment and all of these things as a state of being, not as just fleeting, passing things, or even brought about by situations. They are just *your* state of being.

So this is a fantastic reason to reach this level, to evolve as quickly as you can to where you live life fully.

And I mean that exactly in the literal sense. Because you reach this level via all the other ones. It is well within the realms of possibility to somehow have some enlightening experience and be suddenly in your spiritual self, but that’s kind of hit and miss. The surefire way to reach this is to reconcile and adjust to yourself at each of the other levels that we have spoken about in the last few days.

Because at each level you’re reconciling all the disparate parts of you, you are bringing them into congruence and so, when you reach the spiritual level you are functioning as one entity. There are no parts of you that are at odds, there’s no part of your surroundings that are at odds with you, there’s no one in your social sphere that is at odds with you. Ergo, you will be totally at peace and enjoying the fruits of your labours. And which aren’t even labours because it is true to who you are. Everthing you are doing in life is true to who you are.

So the spiritual level brings it all together.

The bonus is that once you’re at this level strange and serendipitous things start happening. Because you’re kind of in sync with what ever you believe is out there, according to your beliefs. But you are in sync with it.

You’re really with the flow, you don’t have to *go* with the flow, you *are* with the flow! And it’s a wonderful thing!

Think about how you’re going to get there? And all the things that you going to do at the other levels that is going to bring you here.

OK! So that’s something to think about.