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When you’re thriving, you are growing and becoming something more. #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

On the heels of not struggling I want you to make a very strong distinction between striving and the thriving. It’s a very similar set of misinterpretations.

Because we are told we should strive, we should strive for what we want. And striving for me has all the joy of climbing uphill on a hot day. That’s striving, you know, it’s a real grind!

So when you strive you are exerting yourself and it could be you are exerting yourself somewhat painfully versus, if you thrive.

Thriving also has connotations of growth, of progress, but it’s much more nurturing and much more nourishing. So when you are thriving you are taking into account other aspects of yourself, you are not sacrificing critical components, cherished values, cherished downtime to achieve something.

You are growing and becoming something more.

It’s not a single minded focus on something that may or may not serve you.

But thriving! Thriving always serves you. We are here to thrive not strive.

So today in the work that you are doing, in each activity, in the friends that you meet and the conversations that you have, think are you striving in them or are you thriving in them?

If it’s a strain on your nerves, on your resources, on your ability to move forward, odds are good, you are striving.

So reconsider all those activities in which it’s a stretch and see how you can achieve your objectives in a thriving kind of way.