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Because it is very true to everything a time and a season… #beyourownguru #BYOG

Yesterday I talked about paying attention so that we can find when things start to go wrong and then fix them before they go totally out of sync. And so today I want to discuss the thing that will help you to pay attention and that is getting the right focus. Focusing on the thing that is right in front of you so that you can catch things that start to go wrong and you can pay attention to what it is you need to pay attention to right at that time.

Because it is very true to everything a time and a season.

To give you a concrete example if you are starting a business your primary focus should probably be first on getting the foundations of the business right, getting a quality product in place and figuring out your own stuff first. And then you would expand it into the outer world.

But if you put the cart before the horse then you’re going to run into some difficulties or adjustments and maybe even have to go in a different direction.

So getting the right focus, for the right thing, at the right time is very critical.

And often in life things go wrong because you were concentrating on something else instead of concentrating on what you should have been concentrating on and it spiraled out of control.

It is a very crucial thing for you to understand, for example, at this point what it is you need to focus on. There will actually be a lot of clues in your environment to tell you what is the most critical thing, what is the priority for your attention.

And one of the benefits of consciousness is your ability to recognize that. To recognize that: Oh! this should come first, this should come second, and third and so on and so forth. And it’s an excellent skill to have – because if you do the things in the right sequence they will always work because Step Two is done when all the things that are required for Step One are in place.

And success is built like that – you build its stage by stage, the appropriate thing at the appropriate time. But you cannot do that unless you are focusing on the right thing.