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When I was in my first job which I was not terribly fond of and you know money was kind of tight and I had a whole lot of commitments and the pressure to continue in that job and somehow make ends meet and somehow try to see into the future was very hard to bear, really, the pressure was very hard to bear, and so I devised this strategy.

And it went along the lines of counting my blessings, which is what this Daily Grain is about, to remind you to count your blessings.

So the way I did it to keep making myself mindful that there are a great number of things in life that we can and should be grateful for, to remind myself of all these happy things I would do this: we had a huge Chinese pottery jar and for want of a better resting place we would throw all our small change into that jar. All the 10 and 20¢ pieces.

And so whenever I felt overwhelmed with all these pressures of life, I would upend that jar and start counting those 20¢ and 10¢ and putting them into little piles. And do you know, those little coins would add up to quite a lot, sometimes they added up to 20 or 30 or 40 dollars. And this was just change in a jar that we had kind of abandoned.

And somehow that soothed my soul, to just think you know, in a world that I couldn’t totally control, there was this, I could count, literally, all my money. And it was very comforting, is what I want to say.

And while I was doing that I was reminded that all the little things in my life added up to a not bad life, you know. I had a pretty good life. I had a good job, OK, I wasn’t very fond of it but it was keeping me with a roof above my head and food on the table and some investments besides.

So it just brought me back to center, it made me remember that even when I was thoroughly overwhelmed life was good.

And life is always good if you sit down and count your blessings.