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A good mark of health, shall we say, in this world – the health of anything policies, truthfulness, principles, dogma, ideology is this: is it or are they constructive or destructive.

It’s quite a simple gauge to put on anything, even in your own life, even about people and it’s an extremely effective one, it’s an extremely effective gauge is what I want to say.

Because things that are good, things that are well meant even stray comments, if they are constructive then that’s something to go on with. And if they are destructive it is something to avoid like the plague.

And if we look around at the wider world we see many things, we hear many promises and avowals of goodness, of good intentions, of abilities to progress our world, or promises to progress our lives and quite often they sound excellent but are they?

The proof, as they say, of the pudding is in the eating. If ultimately it destroys more than it constructs then it’s not good!

And destructive does not only apply to the physical, it applies to someone’s spirit, it applies to relationships, it applies to job opportunities, economies – there is so much going on in our world today that is actually destructive.

If we buy into that ideology we proclaim it as good but it is not because it is destroying lives, livelihoods, and worst of all, the human spirit.

And it’s also destroying our trust in each other which is really quite unacceptable!

So today in your life, in your doings of the day look at what are you doing? Is it constructive or destructive? What are the people around you doing? Are they being constructive or destructive?

And if you can see through the words that they are saying to the effect of their actions and their words and come to your own conclusions, that would be a wonderful thing.