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The brotherhood of man is real – break down artificial barriers to find it. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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We live in an increasingly divided world we are divided by territory, language, religion, colour and we seem to find endless categories into which we can divide ourselves further and identify with smaller and smaller tribes, so today I want for you to try and smash all those divisions and categories that are in your head.

Because I can tell you I’ve been pretty much all around the world and we are more same than we are different.

If you think about it we are all born, we live, we die – our main concerns are putting food on the table, taking care of the ones we have responsibility for, paying our bills, somehow trying to get through life and find security, joy, peace, love, good relationships.

The human condition makes us equal.

And part of being conscious and becoming more conscious is to understand this very, very deeply. Because it’s the truth, you know.

All other divisions are artificial, they’re generally man made, and they are there for one purpose – to divide! To put everyone into neat categories from which we can be controlled perhaps, certainly be managed.

From the point of view of your life and your experience of life it’s all a nonsense.

Because I guarantee you every person that you meet every day is pretty much having similar trials and triumphs and experiences as you.

So the point of today’s Daily Grain is for you to realize that the brotherhood of man is a very fundamental thing. It is the fabric of our being. You know we’re all on this planet and it behooves us to get along, to harmonize and to create an oasis of perfection, it can exist, in our lives and in the world.

And its starts with understanding that artificial barriers don’t help.

Yes, we must be discriminating, and discrimination is not a bad word, we will cover good discrimination in another Daily Grain, but for today just think about all the barriers and divisions that surround you that don’t need to be in place.