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I know a lot of people who are convinced that they have a plan for their life because they have this in place and this in place and this in place, various things and it sounds good. It sounds like a plan. But do they really?

So what is the difference between fantasizing about your future and actually having a viable plan.

So the first thing of course is that it is rooted in reality. A plan is based on things that you actually have or can acquire at a moment’s notice right now. A plan is also based on what you yourself can do. Not what someone else promised you that they would do or not something you hope to acquire in the future.

Because eggs in a basket, and counting chickens before they are hatched is a very real reason a lot of people’s lives get derailed.

So your ideas, your future, hinges on having a concrete steps in the here and now that are leading you towards your overall goal.

And having a plan requires having a Plan B and a Plan C. Right? Life is full of unexpected surprises, other people’s decisions, world events. It’s the most uncanny thing. The best laid plans of mice and men…

And so you will know that you are planning properly when you are considering all of this. When you are considering alternate realities, alternative ideas and alternative paths that you might have to take to your goal.

This is planning.

This is making sure that by hook or by crook you are going to reach that far of goal that you have set yourself. And it really requires this kind of intensive thought and structure that you put into place.

And then you have a super chance of reaching that goal.