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How do you get closer to your truth and reach it…? #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

The biggest problem in life for most people is this: there are no prescriptions for life. There is no fix all, there’s no quick fix, and it’s a challenge because how you live your life is a course that you and you alone must chart.

And when we rely on other people to help us out in this regard, well, we are going to have questionable results, shall we say. So one of the best ways to chart a steady course is, of course, to know what you want that course to be. Therefore you have to know yourself.

So it’s all very well for me to sit here and say know yourself. Your burning question is HOW? How? How you do this?

And it’s actually pretty simple.

Start listening to yourself. Start paying attention to areas where you’re conflicted.

Because there are five levels of you as we discussed over the last few days, and at each level you could be holding conflicting ideas and values, traditions could be crashing about in your head, convention, teachings that you have picked up from wherever and they may not all be congruent.

So, this is how you get to know yourself. You start sorting it out.

Think about in any given situation what are the fears that are coming up for you? What are the beliefs that you are reading the situation by? What do you feel about it? Do you like your day to day events? If you don’t like them, why not? And what do you want to do about it?

The thing is, if we ignore or gloss over, or rationalize away, and this is very very common, we reason it out, we think “there’s some justification for that” and “maybe I shouldn’t feel like this” and “maybe the fault is in me” etc etc etc

And maybe all of that is true. But if you don’t look at it and if you don’t reconcile all of these conflicts arising in you, well, you’re never going to find out.

So from today, start looking at the things that happen to you in the course of each day like this. And start weeding out things that don’t seem true to you or things that do not nourish you.

And you will slowly find a picture forming of what you like to do, who you like to be with, what you truly believe in, what you are neutral about, etc. etc.

And once you start doing this, you come closer and closer to your true self and then all the things that are out there, the self help tools, meditation, conversations with friends, they start being useful. They start being clarifying and you will find you’re probably able to do, say, meditation much more easily than you ever have been.

Simply because your mind, your emotions, your psychology, your spirituality is getting clearer. Less muddy.