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Let me give you a small example of what I see as a real malaise in this world and it is this. It’s an article I read a while ago. [about] It was titled something like the humiliating things we do to remain relevant.

And it was, the article, was about celebrities who take gigs that denigrate themselves or in some way or form humiliate themselves because their time in the spotlight is over perhaps or they feel they have to resurrect their careers or something.

And while the comments took the celebrities to task for doing this, the overall tone was that it was acceptable, it was the natural thing to do: to humiliate yourself to remain relevant.

And that’s the lesson that this type of article and these types of actions give us as a society and it perpetuates the myths that the rest of us perhaps live our lives by: that life, and society and remaining relevant are things of high priority, are things that you should give up your dignity for, are things that you can compromise yourself for.

And this is very, very, very much not the way we should be living our lives, not the way we can develop the best that is in us. Because if we reduce ourselves, if we take on actions, tasks, duties that somehow make us feel less about ourselves just because it might make others feel more about ourselves in our own estimation that is such fuzzy logic.

Even as I hear myself say it just doesn’t make sense, does it?

So if you are doing this in your life, if you are doing something that makes your soul cringe just because it’s going to gain you a higher profile or it’s going to gain you career advancement, please stop and think.

Because at the end of the day if you ruin your spirit, if you humiliate yourself I don’t think that is going to lend you much relevance.