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Here’s another language that is universally understood and it’s the language of love. This is not a *new age* *Kumbaya* interpretation. This is real. And I will give you an example.

When I was in college and traveling, unfortunately, on a public bus in India – if you’ve ever seen a public bus in India, it is a packed to the rafters like sardines – and there I was crushed in with this mass of humanity and the bus took a turn. And suddenly there were two clutching hands on my midriff.

And so I turned around to give the person an extremely discouraging glare and there was this little old lady and she was hanging on for dear life to my ribcage. And then she looked up at me with so much trust, you know, in her face and she patted me very lovingly and said in a language I barely understood, I just caught the word for daughter, so I’m assuming she said something like I’m like her daughter, and that discouraging glare just turned into love, actually.

You know there was just such a moment of shared communion.

And the beautiful thing was that we completely understood each other in that split second. And the feeling of love was not an intellectual thing, it was not a decision I made, it was just a warmth that flowed from me to her and her to me and it was marvelous. It was a lovely, lovely feeling.

And for that second and the rest of the ride there was that oneness with her and with the idea that we are all in this journey together. Literally, the oneness of man.

It was just a lovely experience. It’s been about thirty years and I still remember her, I can still see her face in my mind’s eye.

And no matter that we didn’t speak the same language, we understood that we were just there. You know? And I was then happy to be her support for the rest of the ride and she was happy to have me, I guess, keeping her upright on that bus.

And that is love and you can feel it anywhere, for anyone, but it takes two like minds, it takes two open hearts.

That phrase “shared communion” really says it all – you are communing with someone, you are communicating more than words can encompass. You’re communicating more then your status in life or their status in life says is possible.

And that is a fantastic way to communicate.