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Question for you – have you ever tried to fix something mechanical? It could be a clock or an engine or a toy train or even a Lego set.

If you have then you will know that when you are fitting different parts together it is best to be kind of gentle with it and you may need to fiddle around and find the way that they fit together perfectly and then it just clicks into place smoothly.

If it’s not clicking into place and then you tried to force it what happens? You probably break something or you dislodge other parts and so on and so forth. But basically you won’t get it to work if you try and force it into position.

So this is very true of life of all the disparate elements of your life and the new things that you’re trying to put into your life if they don’t slot smoothly into position one, it may be that you have the wrong part in the wrong place that is a possibility but more often than not it needs some finesse. It needs a little bit of adjusting to see where it fits and obviously does it fit.

And if you can supply that finesse and figure out in your own head how does this work and does it work, that is a much better way to go about things than to force stuff to happen or to force people into your lives that are obviously not a good fit, otherwise you wouldn’t have to apply force right?

This is something to be very aware of if something you’re doing or some relationship around you is requiring force, is requiring pressure, it may be that it needs some finesse, it may be that it is not quite the right time or place for that element to be in your life but it definitely is something you need to assess and you need to fiddle with a little bit and try to look at it from all angles and tweak it a bit and see what is the truth of that situation.

And you won’t be able to do that if you’re bent on bulldozing your way in and bulldozing that piece into your life.

So think about what is it in your life that from the past has actually come into your life through force, either your own or someone else’s, and in the things that you do today how many of them are forced and is there a better way for you to bring them into being?