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I believe that a lot of angst in our world today arises from the fact that we are always reaching for more. We find something that fulfills a goal and we reach for more.

Now there could be two reasons for this: one that that goal was not our true desire in the first place, which means that any steps towards that goal would have been futile at the outset, and the second reason is that when we reach it we want more. We want more of the same or we want more in a different way or something. We do not know when we’ve had enough.

So this level of enough is what I called sufficiency where whatever is within us is satisfied with what we have and with what we have achieved. And sufficiency can be had and should be had at all levels, so material level, mental level, emotional psychological and spiritual.

When you are able to achieve and maintain sufficiency at all levels that is what I would call mental health. Where your whole self is integrated and satisfied.

So it really is as simple as that.

If you can find the sufficiency points for you, what will satisfy you at all of these levels and then work towards them, work towards achieving sufficiency and at the same time work towards being satisfied with your sufficiency then life has an exit point. You know? You have an exit point for your material levels, you have an exit point for your mental levels, an exit point for your emotional levels.

What do these exit points look like in real terms?

So material is easy – you have enough money to survive comfortably and you have sufficient health to live, in short.

With the mental level it’s how far you want to go with formal study or formal career that sort of thing. In terms of the mental level, I doubt we will ever not be curious about things, not want to learn about new things happening in the world, and things like that, but it is a sufficiency of – you have enough with which to progress your life.

For the emotional level it could possibly be a group of friends, your network, which is true and sufficient and nourishing, so you don’t need to cultivate gazillion people and morph yourself in gazillion ways for different relationships. You are emotionally stable so what you bring into your life merely complements that and supports that.

And psychological, of course, is pretty much once you are rid of all your fears and bias and prejudices you will be sufficient.

And then spiritual – we haven’t even tapped the bounds of that yet. But if you transcend and are sufficient at all these levels that is already an excellent basis for life.

So mental health and sufficiency that’s your Daily Grain for today.