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So today let us look at the other side of the coin that we looked at yesterday. Yesterday we looked at relevance or what I would call the pseudo-relevance, but today I want to look at resilience.

The resilience of the human spirit is actually quite remarkable and it puts together the things that we were talking about over the last couple of days. So: the wrongness in our world and how we can combat that and this whole concept of relevance and how we show up in the world.

Resilience is something that sprouts in the strangest of places. We have heard tales of it where even in wartime people have come forward for their fellow human above their loyalties to the side that they’re fighting on or the ideology that they are fighting for.

And that is wonderful because really our human condition trumps, or should trump, simply everything else. Because that is our commonality. So no religion, no country boundaries, no social barriers should, in an ideal world, get in the way.

And when we allow ourselves to simply be, when we allow ourselves to be fully who we can be, to be truly ourselves, to be fully conscious, this human spirit will come to the fore. This human spirit will triumph over all that wrongness, all the centuries of usage, all the laws that we don’t understand, the discriminations we don’t understand – and it is actually a beautiful thing to see.

Where we communicate to each other and with each other simply with truth. Just pure truth.

Today I want you to try that.

If you can open your mind and heart and speak to someone, and please let this be someone you trust, because an open mind and heart could be used against us if the person is not thoroughly ethical.

So back to square one, if you can open your mind and heart to someone you can trust completely and just talk honestly – it’s a wonderful feeling and it does away with much of what we see going wrong around us.

So try that as an experiment and that will be your daily grain.