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The other day there was a shining example of true success and I devoutly hope continued success for his sake and it was the resignation from the NBA of Larry Sanders.

He resigned because basketball was giving him anxiety attacks and was generally not the way he wanted to live his life and like he said, it was just a part of his life, and it was a part of his life that was almost in danger of taking over his life. And so he resigned. Which I feel is true success, his resignation was actually his success from a consciousness point of view.

So it made me want to do a Daily Grain about this idiotic idea of that society has of success, of what constitutes a success, and of how they will view us as successful or a failure. Which is a nonsense in itself so – anyone else’s view of you should not matter that much.


So success as determined by most of our peers would be the big house, a car, maybe designer clothes, certainly retail therapy every so often, at regular intervals, shall we say and peripherals. Window dressing. Is what success is viewed as and what you are deemed successful for: how pretty is your window. And that’s so much nonsense.

Because success, true success is merely a job done well, a job done to your satisfaction and something that enriches you, something that adds to your life is success or leads to a successful life. And it doesn’t need accolades and it doesn’t need huge financial packages, those might be nice, but it is not strictly required.

So in the light of a resignation like this it was interesting to see the comments because a lot of them thought he was a loser and would be regretting his decision, but I’m happy to say the vast majority actually applauded it.

And from the bare bones of it he really has the vast potential to make an outstanding success of his life because he has the funds, I hope, to do whatever he wants, and to actually fulfill his real dreams. Which was the reason he quit.

So that is remarkable success.