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Yesterday and we talked about how we live in a world of deception and today I want to talk about what is at the root of that and it is this: that in fact we are all living in a world, we’re living lives that are all the wrong.

If you think about the capacity and the potential of the human spirit – yet we squander it away, really, in living mundane lives, in paying our bills, in conforming to laws that put us in boxes, in conforming to societies that put us in boxes and when those boxes don’t fit we either deceive ourselves or we deceive others. Which is why I say this all wrong world is at the root of it.

And it’s so ingrained, it’s so inherent from the day of our birth that we accept it as just the way it is. We accept the centuries of conditioning, the maxims that at one point would have been true and right and appropriate but which have been modified, which have been built on – so it’s layers and layers of wrong upon wrong.

And I look at the world around us today and see the conflict, see the modern day chaos and destruction that we can wreak on each other and it is actually quite horrifying, where we have all collectively brought ourselves.

So for today’s daily grain I want you to take a moment and think about just this simple concept – do you feel your life is right or wrong?

Because the problems that we face in our global world are just too huge, too deep, too old for any one person to tackle or to get around but my hope is that if all of us can think about and see what is right and what is wrong for ourselves, then we can have a true voice, see a true path in our own lives and then maybe, just maybe, we can all collectively start going right.