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Today I want to provide you with some comfort in an uncertain world and it is this: there is something that is always there, it’s always constant and that is truth. No matter what the situation looks like or how much of chaos and misinformation is around, the truth is always present.

It’s the opposite of the Emperor’s new clothes right? It’s not something that someone can spin. It’s not something that people can manufacture. The truth of everything is always available.

So what you have to do to stabilize life and to find support in the currents of uncertainty is to reach that truth. And every single situation, every single feeling in yourself has the truth in beneath it.

And how do you know you’ve reached this truth? Because it will feel stable.

It will feel like the bottom line, the lowest common denominator. It cannot be cut any other way, it cannot be explained any other way, it is your bedrock in that sense. It is really the fundamentals on which life is based.

So imagine that.

If in every situation, if in every second you reach for those fundamentals. Never mind what people are telling you, never mind what your own feelings of dis-ease are, if you push through that and reach for that bedrock, reach for the one surety, which is truth, imagine that.

Your life would be unutterably stable and devoid of uncertainty.

It’s the insecurity of not knowing what is right, which way to go, whose advice to take, this is what causes chaos, this is what causes turmoil in the head. Who needs turmoil in the head?

So today I want you to practice that. Try and reach for the simplest solution, for the simplest explanation, for the simplest idea that you cannot cut down or divide any more and that’s the truth.