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Today I want you to consider taking on this simple philosophy as a way of living your life and it is this: truth works. As simple as that. It works. It cannot not work.

So the application of this in your life is this, if something is not working then something about that is not the truth. And if you can accept this as a given, that truth just works, and take it on board as a way of seeing life it actually simplifies everything in front of you. Just like that.

Because then you have given yourself the window through which to look at all the issues that you have in life, the challenges you have in life, relationships that hurt you, choices you make that turn out not so well, examine them all under this light.

I guarantee you you will find that something, somewhere, was illusionary. Either from your side or from the other person’s side or something was very opaque in the situations that you’ve gotten yourself into.

If you take a relationship, for example, that is causing problems, challenges or simply hurting you, if the other person in the relationship is behaving really badly well, that’s the truth. Their bad behavior is the truth of the situation.

But what happens if we really want to be in that relationship for reasons known only to ourselves? Then we overlook the bad behaviour or we make allowances or we make excuses or we just blind ourselves to that behavior, we just don’t see it. It’s like a psychological block that we put in place to shield ourselves from it.

And what does that do?

It puts us in an extended situation that is harming us and hurting us and causing a lot of suffering. To me that is something that is not working without question. And it’s not working because the truth is being avoided or not being addressed.

This is just an example but the fundamentals of truth working you can apply to every single area of life.

The silver lining is this: if you can find the erroneous bit of what is challenging and fix that you’re done. It will cease to be challenging. It will smooth, it will be triumphant, it will be a success. And a lot of times it could be something just minor.

So it’s very worthwhile to look at the things that are not working in our lives in this light, in the light of them not being true or something about them not being true and then fixing that something.